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Sunday, 31 July 2016 17:52

Le Courage, La Responsabilité & Le Sacrifice

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Bonjour, Kia ora, 안녕하세요, こんにちは, Hello.  

My project is on its way. I’ve found some useful and interesting things about people having been involved in warfare, dealing with what they had to go through and see, and what they were like when the war was over. I’ve been asking my teachers and friends if they have had any of their family members serve in WW1. My friend said that her great granddad served and she has his records, metals, dates etc. Which is very helpful towards my project. My fundraising has gone extremely well. I am being funded by two generous organisations, that have helped me a lot. Christchurch RSA and Sea Cadet Forces, NZ.

I know a lot more than i use to about the ‘battle of the somme’. My project is helping me understand what they went through not just physically but also mentally. Which makes me think about how people really do put their bodies on the line. I now appreciate their sacrifices for our future and understand in a deeper meaning why i should be commemorating their commitment, courage and sacrifice. I would like to fulfil my role as an ambassador by encouraging the younger generation to attend commemorative ceremonies about our history. I think it’s important to remember their great involvement from a messenger, nurse, soldier and other.  

I would like to thank again, Christchurch RSA and Christchurch Sea Cadet Unit for their help and will be looking forward to presenting my experience and project with them.

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Materia Hutana

Cashmere High School


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